Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oxycodone Vs. Hydrocone

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are generic terms for pain medications. They are generally used to treat moderate to severe pains. However, their level of effect tend to differ as one of them is termed to be more effective than the other. Determining on which is the most effective one has however been tricky since different people will experience different levels of pain thus giving different opinions. 

However, according to the oxycodone vs. hydrocodone test conducted by medics and the users’ reviews, oxycodone has been said to be more effective thus highly recommended. For people with less weight and weak stomach, hydrocodone has been known to work just fine. However, these has been unlike for people whose stomachs can handle stronger stuffs as they are recommended to take oxycodone due to its stronger potency. The test has further showed that 5mg of oxycodone is equivalent to 7.5mg of hydrocodone. This clearly shows their difference in strength. But since not all bodies will handle high energies, the two types have been known to be recommendable. According to a study from the customers, most of them would vote for oxycodone as they said that their effect would last for more hours as compared to that of hydrocodone.
Despite their general use as pain relievers, we can consider the various uses of each of the two types and their respective their side effects. 


The medication has also been highly used to treat antitussive cough. But just like any other medication, it has a number of common side effects. These are: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety, fuzzy thinking, mood swings, urinating difficulties, itching, narrowing of the pupils and dry throat. It is also possible to face other serious side effects such as chest tightness and irregular breathing. However, these are termed a rare symptoms.


Oxycodone has not been known to be applied for any other use beside pain relieving. However, it is accompanied by some side effects such as fatigue, constipation, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth. Itching, anxiety, sweating and vomiting. There are also other side effects which are termed as rare. These are: loss of appetite, abdominal pain, urinating difficulties, diarrhea and hiccups. These are side effects have only been recorded on less than 5% of the patients.
Due to its high levels of energy, it normally has other side effects as a results of high doses. These are circulatory collapse, miosis, respiratory arrest, shallow breathing, hypotension and death. This adds impact on the importance of taking the prescribed dosage.
Since the two medications have some similarities in their side effects, it shows their high relationship in their functionality.

Users’ cautions using either of the medications.

Despite their differences showed as a result of oxycodone vs. hydrocodone tests, both medications should be taken as prescribed by the specialist. You should not share your medicine with anyone as this will result to under dose. For people who tend to change from using hydrocodone to oxycodone, they should ensure that they have the knowledge with the difference in their dosages. This is due to the fact that oxycodone is stronger and hence calls for a lower dosage.
For both oxycodone and hydrocodone, they should be stored as directed by the manufacturer. This will ensure that they retain their pure state. Users of these medications should also ensure that they take the ones that have not exceeded the shelf life. This is achieved by ensuring that they check the expiry date as written by the manufacturers.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ace Diet Pills

ace diet pills
ACE diet pills are medicines (supplements) that are believed to reduce an individual’s appetite for the purpose of losing weight. ACE is an abbreviation that stands for; Appetite Control Energy. Therefore, ACE pills control the appetite, as well as, improve level of body energy. Unlike most of other weight loss supplements, these pills don’t compromise the level of energy in the body. They actually maintain or add more energy in the body. Maintenance of constant energy enables individual users to work as usual without fatigue. They are believed to have a remarkable capacity in promoting weight loss by reducing appetite. Let’s look at the active ingredients and how they facilitate appetite reduction and energy maintenance.

Ingredients and Their Impacts

Chromium: This is said to decrease and maintain levels of hormone insulin in the body. Insulin reduction facilitates reduction in fats and increases lean muscles.

Vitamin B6: The function of vitamin B6 is to degrade carbohydrates to release energy for metabolism. Another use is to optimize functioning of more than sixty enzymes in the human body.

Caffeine: The purpose of caffeine is to enhance metabolic reactions and changing one’s moods. It’s said to increase energy levels in the body, and refining individual’s alertness.

Cocoa powder: This gives similar functions as caffeine since it’s a natural anti-oxidant. It acts as appetite suppressant, moods and energy level boosting.

Spirulina: This helps in limiting and controlling appetite. It’s said to be a rich source of Vitamin B12 that generates more energy for the body.
Green tea extract: It’s said to produce heat in the body, which in turn helps in burning extra calories. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant for neutralizing free radicals within the body.

ACE Diet Pills Usage and Dosage

\A user is recommended to take only 2 pills within 24 hours. However, maximum number is 4 pills within 24 hours. 1 pill is taken 2 hours after breakfast, and another pill is taken early afternoon to control appetite before evening meals come. One should consume a lot of water about 8 glasses all day long. Water is said to play a role in weight lose, and that’s why after taking ACE pills one feels thirsty. Also, water prevents some complications that may occur as a result of ACE pills. 
It’s advisable to consume diet rich in vegetables, chicken, or fish to maintain the normal weight and energy of the body. In addition, users need to avoid sugary foods and drinks. The ACE should not be mixed with other vitamins or medicines. It’s advisable to give an interval of at least one hour before taking another medicine. The ACE pills should also be skipped at least one day in every week so that the body can restore its normalcy.

ACE Diet Pills Side effects 

Although ACE diet pills are believed to help in weight loss, they have their own disadvantages. These pills contain not only natural ingredients, but also some chemical substances that cause undesirable impacts in the body. Let’s look at these chemical compositions;
Chromium: Chromium is said to cause headache when an individual get used to using the ACE pills.
Phenylethylamine HCL: This causes difficulties in breathing, increased heart beat, and high blood pressure.
Vanadium: It causes diarrhea, nausea, loss of body energy, low sugar level in blood, abdominal pains, and kidney disorders.
Pyridoxine: Pyridoxine causes serious loss of appetite, headache, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, sleepiness, and tingling.

In conclusion, there are many users of ACE pills with efforts to stay slim. They have helped several users to lose weight. This is reflected by several testimonials, positive comments, and reviews of happy users. However, these pills have advance side effects on your health. It is only for individual’s choice to use the ACE diet pills. The natural and recommended way to lose weight is through weight training (workouts) and healthy diets.